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After your registration, within 24 hours, you will receive email from about the zoom links to your classes. And carlendar invites.
How do I refer my friends and colleagues to Integem Coding classes? At Integem, we are always looking to bring the best AR classes to students globally. To refer a new family, check your email from about your unique referral code. If you did not receive that email, please email to receive the referral code again. For new families that you refer who enroll a student, the new family will receive a $25 credit and your family will receive a $25 credit. Referral credits are applied on a per-family basis, not a per-student basis. My company is interested in offering Integem coding classes as a perk to our employees - is that possible? Yes, we work with employers to offer Integem coding classes and camps as a perk to their employees to help boost employee engagement and help employees pass down an important skill to their kids. If you are interested in exploring a partnership with us, please email for more information.
Integem Instructors are happy to write letters of recommendation for students and share their experience working with the student. Sometimes students need these letters for various summer camps or entry into certain programs, and we love to help. For any request, please email, and our team will convey your request to the instructor.
At Integem we love celebrating our students’ creativity and excellence in coding. To showcase student progress, we offer a few awards to students. Please note that these are incredibly selective awards and may be used on student resumes, but the goal is really to help students build confidence and demonstrate their work to their families and peers. Participation alone means that students put in hard work and innovation into their projects. Instructors may nominate their students’ projects for Integem’s Project and participate in our Hackathons. We also work with other organizations to organize competitions and hackathons. In the past, we have worked with Comic Con, cities, science fair, and non-profit organizations (e.x. International Augmented Reality Education Foundation).
How do you keep supervision on campers? We have one of the lowest camper to staff ratios in California: 6:1. During programs, campers are organized into smaller groups or teams so that our staff can effectively maintain a watchful eye. Holographic AR campers are never alone – even trips to the restroom happen with a buddy or group - and our staff is trained to take attendance during every transition. My child has a severe allergy. What precautions do you take to keep them safe? Our staff members are trained in how to recognize the signs of anaphylactic shock and administer an EpiPen, if needed. EpiPens brought to camp will always remain with the camper and supervising staff member. Our staff also keeps campers’ health history, provided during the enrollment process, handy in case it is needed. Campers with tree nut and other food allergies enjoy lunch in a nut-free zone, supervised by a staff member. What if my child gets hurt? We do everything we can to keep your campers safe, and we’re prepared to support them in the event of an injury. We notify all parents about minor injuries (like scraped knees) during the check-out process every day. In the event of a more serious injury, we call 911 if needed, and notify the parents or guardians immediately. How do I know your staff is trustworthy? Our staff goes through a rigorous 5-stage interview process that includes: application, phone interview, in-person interview, reference check, and criminal background check; leadership team members will attend an additional one-on-one interview. In 2018 - 5% of applicants on average - are invited to join the Holographic AR camp team. Once hired, all staff receives many hours of online training plus several full days of in-person training, followed by ongoing supervision and professional development provided by their Camp Director. How do you know the right child is going home with the right adult? Our staff is required to check for a photo ID and cross check it with the list of people that you have authorized to pick up your child. Please be prepared to bring your photo ID each day at check out. The school my local camp operates out of is an “open campus” and people can walk on campus anytime. How do you protect campers? Just like the school’s teachers during the school year, our staff is trained to approach all visitors to campus. Our staff also rehearses a lockdown process while setting up for camp, for use in the unlikely event that we’d need to shelter in place. Do you have protocol in the event of an emergency? We have evacuation plans at each of our sites and camp staff is trained on what to do in the event of almost any emergency, including earthquakes, fire, airborne exposures, and much more. Prior to camp, we notify all first responders that camp is operating in their community so that they are prepared to support any emergencies that may arise.
How do I set up a Holographic AR camp account? Click the "Sign In" link in the top right corner. Under the heading "CREAT MY ACCOUNT” enter the primary contact’s email, password, confirm password. I forgot my password. What do I do? Click "My Account" in the top right corner of the website, then click on the "Reset Password?" link. You can enter your email address to have a new temporary password sent to you. Please see here for details. What is the deadline for signing up for camp? You can sign up as long as there's space available, online or over the phone, right up to 3 pm on the Friday before the session starts. If you miss that deadline and the session is waitlisted, please add yourself to the waitlist. If there’s space on Monday we’ll give you call. How can I add on more camp sessions after camp starts? Space permitting, you can add camp sessions online or over the phone until 3 pm on the Friday before the session starts. To add sessions online, log in to your account and click "Add Sessions" next to your camper's name.
What happens if the week of camp I want to sign up for is full? If your week of camp is already full, you can join the waitlist online or over the phone. There is no cost to join a waitlist, and no obligation to sign up once you're on it. If you have questions about a particular waitlist or your odds of getting to the top of it, call us at 408-459-0657. What happens if I'm on a waitlist and a space opens up? If space opens up and you're next on the list, we'll send an email letting you know. You'll have three business days to sign up for that week or class. If you don't sign up, we'll email the next family on the list to offer them the spot. We won't be able to attend a full week of camp, is that OK? It's absolutely OK, but not something we recommend. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to unfold over five days, with each day building on the one before it. Missing a day means missing an important piece of that nifty process. If no full weeks fit into your schedule, it's totally fine to sign up and plan to miss days—we can't, however, prorate the cost of your camp week, and your camper will not be able to complete that week’s projects. Can I transfer my camp session to a different week/location? You have the flexibility to change your dates, course, location you like up until 21 days before your camp start date without any change fees. No changes, other than to add or remove lunch or extended care, are allowed within 21 days of your camp start date. You will be responsible for the fee difference if the new camp has higher fee. However, there is no refund for changes that result in a lower total fee. Can I transfer my session to another camper? The camp you sign up for is uniquely yours. Sessions and classes are not transferable to other campers. How do I cancel my enrollment? Will I receive a refund? Changing your summer schedule is no problem. All you have to do is give us a call. We’ll refund your purchase, minus a $125 per session cancellation fee, until 30 days before your camp week starts. The registration fee $45 is non refundable. You can still cancel after that, but we can’t give you a refund. There is no penalty to cancel extended care or lunch purchase until 7 days before your camp start date. You will receive a refund for each extended care or lunch cancellation, minus $5 processing fee per cancelled item. No cancellation is allowed within 7 days of your camp start date. A few other things to note: • Policy applies to all camp cancellations, regardless of original sign-up date. • All refunds will be credited via original payment method. • Camp fees are not refunded or prorated for days of camp missed due to illness or injury. • Camp fees from unused sessions cannot be applied to future purchases or transferred to another family. • Refunds will NOT be issued for early withdrawal or dismissal due to absences (for any reason) including sickness, behavioral dismissals, power failures, weather, and unforeseeable events not within the control of Integem (including, but not limited to, the inability of student to obtain travel documents) or other acts of nature.
What is included in the tuition? Instead of charging $1000+ per camp, A lot of efforts have been made to reduce waste and improve efficiency to provide high quality education with great value. This includes allowing campers at Young, Teen, and High School camps to bring their own computer to save. • Guaranteed small class sizes (Staff to Student Ratio: 1:6) • For Apprentice and Junior Students, the tuition includes a computer, a headphone, and a mouse to use during the camp period • Scientifically designed curriculum • Professionally trained and certified Holographic AR instructors • Free Holographic AR design software for each student • Holographic AR project portfolio • Personalized feedback • Project achievement report • Designed Holographic AR awards ceremony • Official Integem Certification • A cool T-shirt • New friends, incredible memories, and skills that’ll last long after summer • Note: Extended Care Fee includes both Morning Extended Care and Afternoon Extended Care • Special Discount: Multiple children discount and multiple week discount
What is the Referral discount? When you refer a new family to the Holographic AR summer camp, you both save money. You will receive special credits that can be redeemed. Be sure to tell your friend(s) to enter the referral code that is specially designed so that you'll both receive the discount. Your friend will receive the discount during checkout and your account will be credited within 10 – 14 business days. When will I receive my Referral credits? Thanks for spreading the word about us. If your friend uses your referral code during the sign-up process, your credit is in the works and coming your way within 10 – 14 days of your friend's sign-up date. What is the Sibling discount? When you register multiple children, from 2nd child, there will be a $20/course/child discount. It will be discounted automatically during check out. What is multiple-week discount? When you register one child for multiple weeks camp, from 2nd week, you will save $45 registration fee. It will be discounted automatically during check out. Note: If you register a 2nd week camp at a different time, you will still need to pay $45 registration fee.
Do you allow international campers? We sure do. We love that families from all over the world come to experience the magic of Holographic AR camp. Do I need to be fluent in English to attend camp? Yes, our camps are conducted in English. All campers must be able to understand directions and respond to staff members and other campers on their own. Do I need to list an emergency contact in the US? Yes, every camper at the Holographic AR Camp needs to have two or three local contact numbers in case we have questions or concerns while at camp. How do I enroll? Click here to enroll. Each family planning to attend Holographic AR camp will need to create a separate account, listing their child’s emergency contacts and personal information. If a family has multiple children attending camp, the family can register all of their children within a single account.
Is there anything I need to do between signing up and showing up on the first day of camp? Yes. Log in to your account and review your registration details. If you see discrepancies or have questions, give our customer service team a call at 4084590657. Will you send me an email to remind me before the camp? Yes. We will send you email several days before the camp to remind you and provide you a more detailed reminder based on the weather condition. Please check your email. If you have questions, give our customer service team a call at 408-459-0657. If you would like to add lunch or extended care, you’ll need to do so one week before your child’s camp starts. What should my camper wear/bring to camp? Campers should wear casual clothing that can get dirty and comfortable shoes for indoor and outdoor activities. If your camper's day includes afternoon extended care, please include a snack as well. If you do not plan to purchase lunch, please pack your camper a snack, lunch and a water bottle (plus a second snack for afternoon extended care, if needed). Campers should arrive with sunscreen already applied and may want to bring a hat and additional sunscreen. What are the check-in and check-out times at camp? At Camp check-in on Monday of each week is 8:45 am-9:00am. Tuesday – Friday, check-in is 9:00 am – 9:10 am. Check-out is at 3 pm every day. If your student is signed up for optional extended care package, the check in time is 8:00am every day, and the checkout time is 6 pm every day. At all of our camps, we ask a parent or guardian to check in with campers on Monday. To keep campers safe, we also require a photo ID and signature from an authorized adult every day at check-out. What does a typical day at Holographic AR Camp look like? Our creators and innovators explore Holographic AR programming, art, science, design, and outdoor activities every day of the week, in an environment infused with fun camp traditions. How will I know what my camper is up to all week? We make it easy. Throughout your camp week, you'll receive email letting you know important announcements and a weekly breakdown of the amazing projects your camper will be creating. You'll also receive logistical info to help you prepare for camp—look for your Guide to Camp in your inbox each week before camp begins. What if my camper loses something at camp? We have a place for that. Every camp has a lost and found, kept in a designated spot throughout the summer. If you think an item of yours was left behind at camp, check with your Camp Director and chances are, we'll find it. Unfortunately, we are unable to store lost and found items once camp is over, so don't wait to start your search—we will donate any unclaimed items on the final day of camp at each location. I have ideas for how to make camp better! How should I share them? Your feedback is incredibly important to us, so we want to hear from you. Every Friday of a week you spend with Integem, we'll send you an email with a link to our weekly survey. Once you fill it out, we'll do some careful reading and immediately start making improvements to make the next week of camp even better.
I still have questions. What now? Not a problem. We're here to help. Drop us a line at or give our customer service team a call at 408-459-0657. You can find us by the phone Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm PST.

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